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Every office needs a computer geek, but no one wants them on the payroll.  Rent one as you need one.

Our philosophy has always been to provide what you need, when you need it, without your having to suffer the cost of having a computer support person on the payroll.  You need expert advise and technicians, to make the correct computer decisions, to solve your computer problems and to safeguard your computer systems.  We can help with all of those needs and help you hold down your costs at the same time.

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Who is this Geek?
Why our little computer geek?  He illustrates several things about our company.  First off, we are not too formal.  Our customers tend to be smaller businesses, not big corporations.  Our business style is geared to the needs of those smaller businesses.  Second, we don't take ourselves too seriously.  Computer "geeks" tend to live in a world of pure technology.  Few businesses are like that.  You need real world answers to your real world problems.  We try to take ourselves out of the picture and focus on what is best for your company, for your situation.  Last, we kinda like the little guy.  He's been with us for many years and his image helps us to keep a proper prospective on life.


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